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Trendi Jewellery UK mission?

Trendi Jewellery UK began from a small idea to find the best on trend jewellery for UK customers and sell them at the lowest prices, competing with UK highstreet stores. After browsing in the major highstreet retailers, we noticed an increasing trend for cheap fashion jewellery, not just for women, but men too, as well as for young girls and boys and even babies! With our purchasing knoweldge we noticed that highstreet retailers marked the RRP as much as 200% higher than purchase cost! What a rip off! Trendi Jewellery UKs online mission began!

We aim to be the first online jewellery store you think of when you need a fashionable, stylish, high-quality, fashion jewellery but don't want to pay ridiculous highstreet prices. From modern to vintage, trendy to classic, we aim to provide a fabulous selection of jewellery to suit everyone and all occasions. If you need something fun and unique for those special days, for a party, a holiday, or just for everyday casual wear, we are sure to have a bracelet, watch or jewellery accessory to suit. Hey, we will even provide some beautiful jewellery items for those special people in your life; Mum, Dad, Sister, Son or best friend, you'll find something a little different for a low cost gift here.

Hottest, Cheap Fashion Jewellery Online

We know what we like, we look at current trends, but most importantly, we listen to what our customers want. We read style blogs and magazines and consider what people are buying in our store, so we consider current fashions and whether they are a hit, before we add them to, or keep them in our online jewellery collections.

We refresh our selection seasonally and often, so there’s always a new style to choose and add to your accessories.

How Trendi Jewellery UK began

Abi Andrews, store owner, noticed highstreet prices for high quality fashion jewellery, although reasonably priced, were often just a little too expensive and marked up as much as 200% by UK highstreet stores. As a web developer and owner of other online stores, Abi decided to develop a website focusing on cheap fashion jewellery accessories for the lowest price, for personal purchase and gifts. Abi keeps our collections fresh and on trend, while building her vision of a great store with fabulous items for really low prices.